Mr. Joaquín Torres founded J. Torres Wooden Pallets in 1989. Twelve years later (2001) his oldest son acquires the company. From that time on, the company is dedicated to fully recycling wooden pallets. In our company, pallets are repaired, dismantled and the remaining pieces are custom-cut to create other pallets. In the last decades, Puerto Rico has faced a crisis with the disposal of solid waste. This situation has caused clandestine landfills to be created, and with them, pests and insects have found nest to live and where to spread from.

Since 2005, we have made a commitment with the recycling process. Our excess wood and scrap material is turned in a decorative product that helps embellish your garden and also contributes towards a cleaner environment. Our company has machinery with a high production capacity, which lets us produce a great amount of stock so that we can supply for the demands of our clients.

Manufacture and recycle wooden pallets through high quality processes and friendly with the environment, exceeding the expectations of our customers, for the safe handling of their products.

Achieve with our great service, quality and excellence, be the wooden pallet company with the best reputation in the Puerto Rico market, and achieve our sustainability and contribute to the economy of our country.

• Teamwork
• Quality
• Responsibility
• Collaboration
• Compliance
• Communication
• Service
• Integrity
• Ethics
• Sense of urgency