About Us

Mr. Joaquín Torres founded J. Torres Wooden Pallets in 1989. Twelve years later (2001) his oldest son acquires the company. From that time on, the company is dedicated to fully recycling wooden pallets. In our company, pallets are repaired, dismantled and the remaining pieces are custom-cut to create other pallets. In the last decades, Puerto Rico has faced a crisis with the disposal of solid waste. This situation has caused clandestine landfills to be created, and with them, pests and insects have found nest to live and where to spread from.

Since 2005, we have made a commitment with the recycling process. Our excess wood and scrap material is turned in a decorative product that helps embellish your garden and also contributes towards a cleaner environment. Our company has machinery with a high production capacity, which lets us produce a great amount of stock so that we can supply for the demands of our clients.

Product Description:

Isla Bonita Premium Mulch is a product made with recycled wood. Our product is 100% made in Puerto Rico.

Our Fiber:

In the mulch market in Puerto Rico there is no local or imported product that complies with the size requisitions to fall into the category of High Grade Mulch.

Low Grade Mulch fluctuates in size from 1 ½” to 2” with no more than 25% of the fiber over 2 inches per package.

High Grade Mulch fluctuates in size from ½” to 1 ½” with no more than 25% of the fiber over 1” per package.

Local market products fluctuate among 2”and 5”.

Our product fluctuates in size from ½” to 2 ½” and approximately 80% of the fiber is 1” long.

The benefits of a finer fiber are:

-More area covered with less amount of product. (Larger fiber makes you use more mulch to cover an area and achieve uniformity in the appearance.)

-As the size of the fiber increases, so does the possibility of it floating in the event of rain or due to sprinkler systems in gardens.

Our Colors:

Isla Bonita Premium Mulch offers a variety of long-lasting colors; Red, Light Brown and Chocolate.

We use dyes that have been lab-tested to be safe for children and animals. These dyes contain ingredients used by other companies in cosmetics and food containers.


Why use Mulch?

Some of its benefits are:

-It helps to maintain the humidity of the soil.
-It helps to reduce the growth of weeds.
-It could help the fertility of the soil.
-It gives any garden a uniform finish and beautiful appearance.

How much mulch should I use?

Using too much mulch, can lead to an excess in humidity in the roots of your garden causing them to rot. Also, too much mulch could prevent water and air to penetrate into your plants which could affect their growth.

In general, mulch should be applied in a layer with a thickness of no less than one and a half inch (1 ½”) and no more than three inches (3”).

At what time of the day should I apply Mulch?

Preferably, Mulch should be applied early in the morning in a sunny day, this helps improve durability and intensity in the color.

When should I re-apply the Mulch in my garden?

This can vary depending on the thickness of the layer applied, the environment and how often the area where the Mulch is applied is stepped on. Generally, Isla Bonita Premium Mulch needs to be re-applied every six months.

Are there different types of Mulch?


Rubber Mulch:
This type of mulch doesn’t easily decompose, so, it doesn’t need to be re-applied as often as wooden Mulch, however, it doesn’t help improve the soil, and it doesn’t provide nutrients to the plants or the ground.

Organic Mulch:
Wooden Products, pine and tree bark…
This type of mulch decomposes according to the material. Due to the decomposition process helping the quality of the ground and it’s fertility, the experts consider it very helpful, even though maintenance is needed more often.

How much mulch do I need?

One 2 cubic feet package covers and 8 square foot area with a layer of 3 inches. To cover a 100 square foot area, you need 13, 2 cubic feet bags.

Length x Width = ? Square feet = 2”depth

2”depth, example: Area 10’x 20’= 200 square feet ÷ 12 = approximately 7 bags

3”depth, example: Area 10’x20’= 200 square feet ÷ 8 = approximately 25 bags

Customer’s experiences


1: “It is a show product, very good price. The color is long lasting and of good quality. I use to pay more and the color wouldn’t last as long…” Concepción Martínez

2: “Excellent product! Great service.” Davon’s Landscaping

Detail customers

1: “My wife and I have decided to use in our house and garden products that are in favor of the conservation of nature. Isla Bonita Premium Mulch not only provides us with a high quality product but with a eco-friendly alternative, I have even used it inside my house.” Carlos Gomez Marrero

2: “We use Isla Bonita Premium Mulch in our home. As an educator in home gardens and organic cropping, I can say it is safe and good for the ground and for the people that have contact with it. I congratulate this company for its contribution to recycling and the conservation of the environment.” Anita Mattos