Wondering Who Buys Pallets? IBPS Pallets Will Pay Top Dollar

Isla Bonita Pallet Specialist actively seeks pallets to maintain our supply chain for our customers’ needs. IBPS buys pallets by the truck load. This means typically 400+ pallets or more at a time. If you have large odd sized pallets of 100 or more we may be interested in buying those as well.

Give us a call if you have a large volume of a size not listed. Our professional sales staff will work to find a home for them or IBPS will use them for their components.

  • If your pallets can be repaired and re-sold we will purchase them at a fair market price.
  • If your pallets are scrap, we can pick them up at little or no cost to you depending on your location, saving your waste disposal fees and the unnecessary filling up of our landfills.

Popular sizes we are regularly looking to buy in bulk:

  • 42×42 4-way and 2-way
  • 48×40 4-way (Most Desired)
  • 48×42 4-way
  • 48×44 4-way
  • 48×45 4-way
  • 48×48 4-way and 2-way

Contact Us About Buying Your Pallets